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Hohner Big River MS

Model: HBRHM


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Product Description

Hohner Big River MS

The Hohner Big River is an attractive and robust instrument offers an ideal basis for beginners. Streamlined covers with side vents, plastic comb and brass reed plates offer a fantastic price/quality ratio, and is the entry point in Hohner' range for a German built harp.

The Big River is part of Hohner's MS line, which allows components from any of the MS models to be interchangeable. So, it is possible to marry Big River cover plates with a Blues Harp comb and Meisterklasse 580/20 reed plates.

Like other MS models, the Big River uses a compromised tuning that is slightly closer to equal temperament than the Marine Band Classic and the Special 20.

  • Reeds: 20.
  • Reed Plate: Brass, 0.9mm.
  • Keys: C Major, D Major, E Major, F Major, G Major, A Major, Bb Major, B Major.
  • Comb: Plastic.
  • Plastic snap box.
  • Made in Germany
About Hohner

Hohner has been producing harmonicas and related instruments in Germany since the middle of the 19th century. It is responsible for many innovations in harmonica design and manufacturing, including the world's first production chromatic harmonica, and its harmonicas have been used by almost all of the 20th century's most important blues, folk, country, pop and jazz musicians.

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