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Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor Harmonica

Model: 1910H


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Product Description

Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor Harmonica

The Lee Oskar Harmonic Minor tuning has a very soulful, Eastern European sound and was used for one entire side of Lee Oskar's highly acclaimed first solo album.

This multi-cultural harmonica is designed to play Traditional Ethnic Music that is important to the heritage of many cultures.

MINOR Eastern European, Gypsy, Yiddish, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asian and European/American folk music, as well as various selections of jazz and classic show tunes, can be played easily with this harmonica.

  • Model: 1910H - Yellow Label
  • Available in 12 Keys (Listed low to high): Gm, Abm, Am, Bbm, Bm, Cm, Dbm, Dm, Ebm, Em, Fm, F#m
  • Manufactured by Tombo in Japan

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About Lee Oskar

Lee Oskar is widely regarded as one of the world's finest harmonica players, and since the 1980s has been collaborating with Tombo of Japan to produce a range of modular harmonicas, of which this model is one. Lee Oskar harmonicas are unique in that their modular design enables any set of reed plates to be used in any of the harps. Although this approach has been imitated by other manufacturers, such as Hohner, with its MS Series, none offer the range of tunings that Lee Oskar does.

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