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Xvive Maxverb Digital Reverb Pedal


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The Xvive Maxverb digital reverb pedal has all of the reverb sounds you need in one pedal. From plate, through to spring and hall reverbs, this pedal provides a great sound, with blend and time controls to ensure that you can get exactly the type of reverb you require.


The Xvive Maxverb digital reverb pedal features the three most popular types of reverb in one durable and convenient unit. Great for harmonica players who want to add a bit of expansiveness to their sound, but also suitable for guitarists and any musician playing plugged in.

• Three reverb types: 50s Plate reverb, 60s Spring reverb and the universal music hall. These are all authentically replicated effects that allow the user to accurately emulate anything from the reverb sound of a mid-60s Fender amp, through to that of a large hall.
• Blend control – allows the level to be set anywhere between fully dry and fully wet.
• Mode toggle switch enables any of the three reverb types to be selected easily.
• Excellent dynamic response.
• Digital design with True Bypass circuitry, so it won’t affect your tone when switched off
• “Effects on” indicator light, so that you can easily check the pedal status in low light situations, such as gigs.
• The Xvive Maxverb Digital Reverb Pedal is constructed as a micro pedal package – very small and compact. The footswitch itself provides a clearly discernible click when used – perfect for live situations where consistent response is vital.
• Durable all-metal housing – will last for years.
• Perfect for use with our Bulletini microphones.
• Note that this pedal requires a 9V DC unit to power it.
• Dimensions are 46w x 94d x 50h mm

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