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Xvive V5 Delay Pedal


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The Xvive V5 Delay Pedal provides analog style delay from 2ms to 600ms. It has a warm vintage tone that is perfect for use with the harmonica.

A whole range of sounds are available from this rugged and compact pedal, from short, slapback delay, which adds depth to solos, through to full on long, spacey echoes reminiscent of 60s and 70s psychedelia. Shorter delay time, with low levels of feedback and mix are also useful to provide reverb-style sounds -perfect if you’re playing through an amp that doesn’t feature spring reverb, or has a poor reverb sound.

The V5 features true bypass, so when it’s switched off, via the chunky and positive footswitch, you know that it’s not affecting your tone. The in built LED light provides an easy to see visual indicator of its status – especially useful in gigs, where light levels are often low.

Like all of the Xvive micro series, the V5 features a sturdy metal body that is designed to withstand years of use. It offers controls for echo, time and feedback, enabling you to fine tune your sound. The echo function controls the level of the effect, the time function controls the length of delay – from 2m/s to 600ms/s – and the feedback function controls the number of repeats.

We also stock Xvive reverb and overdrive pedals – check out our range of effects pedals here.

Note that this pedal requires a 9v DC power supply (not included).


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