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The Harmonica Company – the leading supplier of harmonicas, accessories, pedals, amps and microphones. If it’s great for harp players then we stock it! Our huge range of products are in stock and available for immediate shipping. We are authorised retailers for Seydel, Hohner, Suzuki, Bulletini, Pig Nose, Zajac, Fender, Vox and more.

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Hohner Harmonicas

We have an extensive range of Hohner Harmonica; from the popular Special 20 to the Marine Band Classic in all keys. We stock the full range of chromatic harmonicas, grouped into four main ranges: Chrometta, CX12, Chromonica and Performance.

Seydel Harmonicas

Our Seydel Harmonica range is vast, and we provide all the alternative tunings that Seydel have embraced. Seydel are at the forefront of harmonica innovation & most recently developed a heated case for one of their chromatic harmonicas, known as the Symphony.

Suzuki Harmonicas

There has been a Suzuki Harmonica on the market for over 70 years, and we hold a full range of both the diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. If you want to learn more about the full range our handy guide is here.

Lee Oskar Harmonicas

The Lee Oskar Harmonica is a model of simplicity, broken into four main models: Major diatonic, Natural Minor, Harmonic Minor & melody maker. The Harmonica Company stock every key of each model. Learn more here.

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