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Fender Harmonica Holder

Model: FEND099-0700-100


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Product Description

Fender Harmonica Holder

The Fender Harmonica Holder delivers the utmost stability for your harp for effortless play with an additional instrument. Crafted from sturdy stainless chrome-plated steel and featuring an adjustable neck brace, this lightweight performance solution offers maximum comfort for any player while sturdily locking your harp into place.

This harmonica holder will work with most brands and types of 10 hole diatonic harmonica, including Fender's own Blues DeVille and Blues Deluxe harps. It features locking double wingnuts for security, and the chrome plated steel will ensure it looks as good as it feels through many years of playing.

About Fender

Fender Musical Instrument Corp can trace it origins to Leo Fender’s original business – Fender Radio Service, which was involved in the repair and maintenance of PAs and radio equipment. Experiments with the lap steel guitar in the 1940s led to them changing their name to Fender Instruments, and  producing one of the earliest solid body electric guitars – the Telecaster. Unlike Fender's competitor, Gibson, whose solid body electric guitar, the Les Paul, featured exotic woods and an expensive to produce glued in neck, the Telecaster used a bolt on neck and less expensive woods, meaning that it was affordable to a greater range of musicians. The success of the Telecaster led to the development of their most famous guitar – the Stratocaster – which helped to shape popular music throughout the 1960s and beyond.

Fender today manufactures a large range of guitars, amps and other musical instruments and accessories, both in the USA, for its premium models, and in other countries throughout the world, including Mexico and Japan.

Harmonicas are a recent addition to the Fender portfolio of instruments, but the Blues Deluxe has the same level build quality, playability and tone you would expect from any product from one of the world's most respected musical instrument manufacturers.

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