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Hohner Big River Pro Pack

Model: 000120A


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Product Description

Hohner Big River Pro Pack

The Hohner Big River Pro Pack contains three of the most popular keys (C, G & A) of the Hohner Big River Harp. The Hohner Big River is an attractive and robust instrument offers an ideal basis for beginners. Streamlined covers with side vents, plastic comb and brass reed plates offer a fantastic price/quality ratio.

Save money by ordering this pack instead of three individual harmonicas.

The Big River is part of Hohner's MS Series of harmonicas. This series is modular in nature, meaning that all parts are interchangeable, including reed plates, combs and cover plates. So, it is possible, for example, to combine the Big River cover plates with the wooden comb from the Blues Harp and the thicker 1.05mm reed plates from the 580/20 Meisterklasse.

  • Reeds: 20.
  • Reed Plate: Brass, 0.9mm.
  • Concave covers with side vents
  • Black plastic comb with recessed reed plates
  • Pack includes 3 x Hohner Big River Harp in Keys: C, G & A
  • Made in Germany
About Hohner

Hohner can lay claim to being the world's second oldest extant harmonica manufacturer (after compatriots Seydel), and has been responsible for many of the most important developments in the history of harmonica production.

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