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Hohner HH154 Harmonica Holder

Model: HH154


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Product Description

The Hohner HH154 Harmonica Holder is a professional solution for hands free playing of standard 10, 12 and 14 hole harmonicas. This secure, sturdy and comfortable design fits any neck size and affords unlimited positioning for comfortable play. This is the perfect choice for buskers and anybody who wants to be hands free.

• Fits Marine Band 24, 28, Soloist and tremolo & octave tuned harmonicas as well as 10-hole harps • Plastic-coated metal neck brace

Amazing service! Emailed the company and they came straight back. Professional and I will be definitely using them again.

Google ReviewChris StartupReviewed 13/10/2023

I've purchased harmonicas from here a few times; every time it came in perfect condition. Very happy with service!

Google ReviewArturas VaitkusReviewed 26/03/2023

Excellent customer service! My recent purchase required a couple of alterations in details and they were very responsive about it. Despite the changes in the order, the item actually arrived earlier than expected!

Google ReviewKaiomurz MotawaraReviewed 01/11/2018

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