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Hohner Meisterklasse 580/20 Harmonica

Model: HM52H


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Product Description

Hohner Meisterklasse 580/20 Harmonica

The Hohner Meisterklasse 580/20 is the most exclusive model in the MS range, and one of Hohner's premium diatonic harmonicas. It features alightweight metal comb and 1.05 mm reed plates. Ergonomically designed, with timelessly elegant chrome-plated covers that enable fast movement up and down the holes.

The Meisterklasse's alloy comb, together with reed plates that are thicker than other MS harmonicas, provides it with a soulful but bright sound. The alloy comb gives great durability and the Meisterklasse has a nice weighty feel in the hands. The thicker reed plates provide greater volume than many of Hohner's other harmonicas, but bends are still easily available.

  • Reeds: 20.
  • Reed Plate: Brass, Nickel Plated 1.05mm.
  • Keys: C Major, Db Major, D Major, E Major, F Major,  G Major, Ab Major, A Major, Bb Major, B Major.
  • Comb: Aluminium.
  • Plastic snap box.
  • Made in Germany
About Hohner

Hohner is one of the world's oldest harmonica manufacturers and has been producing harmonicas and related instruments and accessories in Germany since the middle of the 19th century. Its innovations include the world's first production chromatic harmonica and the first diatonic harmonica to feature a swell-resistant ABS comb.

Today Hohner still produces all of its premium harmonicas (diatonics with an RRP of more than £25, and chromatics with an RRP of more than £90, typically) in its factory in Trossingen, Germany.

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