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Lee Oskar Melody Maker Reed Plates

Model: 1910MM-RP


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Product Description

Lee Oskar Melody Maker reed plates fit all Lee Oskar 10 hole diatonic harmonicas and are available in five keys:

(Listed low to high): C, D, E, G, A

The Melody Maker makes it easier to play standards and many other songs that can be difficult to play on a Major Diatonic, while producing a very expressive sound. It is one of the best harps available for playing single-note melodies. Because Lee Oskar changed the reeds in draw/inhale and blow/exhale, you can also play beautiful chords on this harp.

With its three altered notes, the Melody Maker is intended for playing major scale melodies in 2nd Position (Cross Harp). In 1st Position (Straight Harp), you can play: Irish, Clave/Afro music. In 2nd Position (Cross Harp), you can play: R&B, Country, Reggae, Pop, Jazz, Latin.

(The Melody Maker is NOT recommended for Blues).

You can find out more about the Lee Oskar range of harmonicas here

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