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Seydel Heatable Case for Chromatic Harmonicas

Model: 930510


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Product Description

Seydel Heatable Case for Chromatic Harmonicas - SYMPHONY, SAXONY and DE LUXE STEEL or chromatic models from other makers.

The stable, heatable case fits for at least three chromatic harmonicas. Your instruments can be kept and carried safely in it and is at "playing temperature" always at the right moment.

Play your chromatic harp everywhere you go and straight away, without the need to warm it up! The unique heatable case deliveres the right playing temperature making it less suspectible to condensation on the inside of the instrument - humidity can evaporize faster. As accessories the heatable case comes with a USB-adapter for your car-plug, a multi-power-plug-adapter for all international power-ports and a USB-cable to connect with a computer. Additionally there is a SEYDEL-Powerbank (12.000mAh) optionally available.


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