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Straight-8 Leather Harmonica Case with tie cords - brown

Model: Pinegrove-straight-8-tie-cords


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Straight-8 Leather Harmonica Case with tie cords - brown

Straight-8 Leather Harmonica Case with tie cords - brown.

This leather harmonica case is available in dark brown with a contrasting distressed-effect cover, or jet black leather throughout. It holds up to 8 harmonicas - the 10 hole type that all rock and blues players use. Any brand will fit, whether it's Hohner, Lee Oskar, Suzuki, etc. The pockets are specially shaped for easy access whilst giving good protection, and there's a window in each pocket so you can see the key. (Harp players commonly mark their harps' keys with large letters so its easy to see them on stage.) The case rolls up and ties with strong leather tie cords.

The Straight-8  is made from a thick high quality leather that's hard wearing on the outside and soft inside. This has a "buffalo" grain pattern that's perfect for the purpose. Extra protection is given with a cover piece in contrasting leather, shaped to mirror the traditional blues harp profile.

All Pinegrove goods are hand-crafted in the UK from the finest materials. Owner, Rod Boyes, is not only a serious leather crafter, he's also a musician and songwriter.  Rod currently plays guitar and harmonica in Americana band The 309s, and his musical history goes back more than 30 years.  He started out playing bass in a punk band, switched to bluegrass guitar, then later Cajun and Western Swing.  He applies the same detailed attention to his music as he does to his leatherwork.  It's got to be perfect.

In 2012 Rod decided to mix his musical experience with his design and craft abilities and launched Pinegrove Leather.   Previously he had been dissatisfied with the cases for harmonicas, which were either mass-produced and synthetic, or custom-made and beyond his wallet.  So he designed his own.  This was widely admired and a seed was sown.   The Pinegrove name comes from a well known Cajun song, The Pine Grove Blues by Nathan Abshire, a favourite from Rod's 10-year spell in a Cajun band.


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