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Xvive Microphone Wireless System

Model: XU3


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Product Description

Xvive Microphone Wireless System

The Xvive Microphone Wireless System provides a simple and straight-forward solution to the problems of using a traditional wired and wireless microphone systems.

Using compact and low-profile transmitters and receivers, the U3’s extensive frequency range and super-low latency allows your performance to run smoothly, reliably and sound its very best, every single night.

Use the U3 for wirelessly miking vocals, guitar cabs and instruments at gigs, public speakers at presentations, in video production or transmit from any DI source/XLR output; plug the receiver into your sound mixer, PA system or recording device and enjoy 5 hours of hassle-free performance and superlative sound quality.

The 2.4GHz band is optimal for microphone wireless,  and approved for use in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. It has less than 5ms Latency and Simultaneous broadcasts on 6 channels and  frequency response is broad at 20Hz - 20KHz. It has 5 hours of battery life (Rechargeable battery for both Transmitter & Receiver) so it's perfect for longer gigs and rehearsals. Compatible with dynamic microphones.

U3 wireless removes the complexity and frustration from traditional wireless microphone system use, creating a flexible, all-in-one solution that makes your favourite live or studio microphone into a performance-ready wireless microphone.

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