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Suzuki N-1200 Harmonica Necklace

Model: N-1200


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Product Description

Suzuki N-1200 Harmonica Necklace - ideal as a gift or to show how much you love harps, it is a 4 hole mini harmonica with necklace.

  • Range C3 to C4
  • Holes: 4
  • Necklace

Suzuki Music Corporation was founded in 1953 and has always had a focus on harmonicas and related instruments. Today is produces a wide range of harps, from beginner 10 hole diatonics through to high end chromatics.

The company has always been associated with instruments for education, and still produces a number of harmonicas that are designed specifically to help children and beginners learn to play quickly and easily.

To find out more about Suzuki Harmonicas click here

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