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Fender Mississippi Sax Harmonica Case



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Product Description

Fender Mississippi Sax Harmonica Case

The Fender Mississippi Sax Harmonica Case enables you to carry your diatonic harmonica collection in style with this great case that includes room for all your accessories—including a microphone.

A locking latch keeps your gear safely where it belongs while you're on set breaks or during transportation. The durable exterior and soft plush interior replicate the look of Fender instrument cases.

Two removable trays make it easy to organize your accessories while the removable divider splits the large compartment for increased protection and organization. Includes two keys; also ideal for holding and organizing instrument tools.

Perfect for transporting your Fender harmonicas.

About Fender Musical Instument Corp

Fender Musical Instrument Corp can trace it origins back to Fender Radio Service, which was involved in the repair and maintenance of  PA systems and radio equipment in the 1930s. Leo Fender's interest in guitars led to him producing a lap steel guitar in the 1940s. This in turn helped to move the company's interest to the production of instruments, resulting in Fender producing one of the earliest solid body electric guitars – the Telecaster. This differed from other solid bodied electrics, such as the Les Paul, by dint of its bolted on neck, which reduced production costs significantly, whilst still providing great tone and feel.

Later developments saw the creation of the Stratocaster, Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars and the Jazz and Precision bass guitars. The company is also still involved in the manufacturing of amplifiers, including famous models such as the Twin Reverb and Blues Deville.

Harmonicas are a fairly recent product line from Fender, but the their experience in the production and design of musical instruments has allowed them to offer a small range of harmonicas and related accessories that can really compare well with those of more established harmonica companies. Each instrument and accessory also comes with a distinctive Fender look and feel that is certain to appeal to Fender fans and new players alike.

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